woman sitting on the floor touching her scalp for a blog post on finding the right shampoo for scalp psoriasis
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Finding the Right Shampoo for Scalp Psoriasis

I was managing the psoriasis on my body with topicals and lotions. But 5 years after my psoriasis diagnosis, the extreme itch and flakes on my scalp emerged. Did you know that about 56% of people who have psoriasis also have scalp psoriasis? I remember reading this on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website and thinking, “Oh wow, what if I have scalp psoriasis? I have had dandruff for a while and it doesn’t seem to go away. Maybe it’s not really dandruff.”…

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woman standing infront of mirrior looking her stomach that has a bandaid on it for a blog post on ovarian suppressions shots for breast cancer treatment
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What is Ovarian Suppression for Breast Cancer Treatment

Please note, that I did have estrogen positive breast cancer and have opted to do ovarian suppression and an AI as my breast cancer treatment. You and your doctor should discuss your options and whats the best treatment for you. I wanted to write this post to provide you with reliable information in a relatable way, because that is what I wanted when I was diagnosed. So keep reading for what is ovarian suppression for breast cancer treatment. Info from…

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Questions to ask your oncologist
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What Questions to Ask Your Oncologist

So, it’s time to talk to doctors, what do I ask them? I gotchu boo. These are the questions that helped me when talking to doctors and determining next steps. This is one thing that I really appreciated from both hospitals: I was given a folder—with a helluva lot of information—with some version of the following questions and a space to write your answers.  I would meet weekly and monthly with  a breast surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist…

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What My Dermatologist Taught Me About Comorbidities in Psoriasis

When I first saw red, flaky patches appear on my elbow as a kid, I knew almost immediately that it was psoriasis. My mother had psoriasis, and if one of your parents has psoriasis, you have about a 10% chance of developing it. I am part of that 10%. My mother got a referral from our primary care physician for a dermatologist – she knew how important it was to see a specialist – and we were seen within the…

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benefits of anti inflammatory diet for my psoriasis - woman hold oranges on her eyes

Understanding the Anti-Inflammatory Diet – and How It Helped My Psoriasis

What does an anti-inflammatory diet have to do with psoriasis? That is the exact phrase I Googled when I started educating myself on what psoriasis really is and how nutrition could play a key role in managing it. I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and I’ve tried everything under the sun when it comes to diet and lifestyle changes. By looking online, talking to other people with psoriasis, and testing different strategies, I’m here to say that, at least for…

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woman sitting in a gynecology office for a breast cancer blog post about sexual health post breast cancer treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment and Sexual Health

Yes, I’m talking about breast cancer treatment and sexual health because NO ONE talked to me about it. No one talked about the sexual health side effects of taking an ovarian supression and aromatase anhibitor (letrozole). Yes, they may have mentioned it as “oh these are common side effects,” but no one took more than 30 seconds to explain anything to me. So, I finally met with a urogynecologist which I didn’t even know existed and we talked all things…

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woman looking at the water with hands in the air talking about latest breast cancer
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New Breast Cancer Research: Researchers Find Biomarkers in Breast Milk Protien

This is why breast cancer research matters. This is why clinical trials matter. “In a small study, a researchers have identified protein biomarkers for breast cancer using breast milk, a discovery that they believe is the first step towards developing a simple blood test to screen patients faster and more easily,” as stated on the CTV website. And to all the researchers out there, Thank you for the work you continue to do. Highlights from the article The research, which…

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What You Need To Know About The Latest FDA-Approved Drug for Early Stage Breast Cancer

You read it: the FDA approves FIRST EVER drug for adjuvant treatment when used with endocrine therapy for early breast cancer 🤯 YES, you can ask your doc about this drug! Keep reading for more info 👉 This is the first CDK 4/6 inhibitor approved for adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. In patients with high risk of recurrence and Ki-67 Score ≥20% the trial demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in invasive disease-free survival(HR 0.626; 95%) 🙌 LAYMENS TERMS PLEASE🦠 When…

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woman standing on stairs in a sparkly dress for blog post of new years eve outfits
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New Years Eve Outfits and Events

New Year’s is right around the corner! Are you ready for 2022?! Gah, can’t believe I just wrote that! You know I’m all about ringing in any special occasion with a fancy, sparkly dress. So I have included a few of my favorite dresses for a classy + fashion-forward New Years Eve outfits! Whether it’s you and your fam, the girls or you’re taking some solo time to reflect, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in something fancy! I have…

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woman in a leopard cardigan and faux leather leggings for easy thanksgiving outfit ideas
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Easy + Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re going casual or glamming it up this for Thanksgiving, it’s time to have fun with these easy and cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas. And best part is, you probably have a top or bottom that you can spruce up with these ideas instead of buying something 😉 While we’re savoring turkey and pumpkin pie, letting the kids stay up way past their bedtime and enjoying the cooler weather, make sure to try out this fun cocktail as a yummy…

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the best gift guide for home office- holiday gift guides f
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The Best Gift Guide for Home Office

There’s no place like home. As much time as we’ve spend in our home and especially home office, I think it’s time to help make our home offices cozy this holiday season! I have created a gift guide for the home office to make that possible for you. There’s affordable gifts from a houseplants to a timed water bottle so you don’t forget to stay hydrated during the long work day. Make working from home enjoyable this holiday season by…

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the best holiday gift guide for kids from sabrina skiles blog
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The Best Gift Guide For Kids

Even though my kids have all the toys they need, there’s just something about seeing them open up gifts on Christmas. I know we all know the true meaning of Christmas. And while we do we teach that to our kids, I think it’s also important to remember, kids are kids and they deserve to have fun, especially after the past 18 months they’ve had. So we’ve rounded up the top gift for kids of all ages! Happy Shopping! Sky…

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holiday gift guides for her and him
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The Best Gift Guides for Her and Him

Yes, it’s not even November yet and I’m already talking about the holidays. Don’t shoot me! I’ll tell you why: there’s shipping and distributing shortages everywhere, so you want to start our holiday shopping ASAP so it gets there on time. That’s why! And I think we can all agree that after the especially the last 18 months we just had, we all deserve to be pampered. Especially our loved ones. That’s why I am here to help! I have…

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Closet Staples to Transition into Fall

With summer finally coming to an end and fall on its way, it’s time to start thinking about our fall wardrobes! I’m here to help with that, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have to go by all the “must have fall items to buy now” #sorrynotsorry I wanted to create a post on closet staples to transition into fall. These are pieces many of you will most likely already have in your closet, with…

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end of summer sales - sabrina skiles blog - amazon sales - walmart sales - target sales
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End of Summer Sales To Shop for Your Family Now

With school in full swing, I wanted to round up some end of summer sales for you to shop for your family. I’ve also included some work-from-home items for the parents too because you know that #workfromhome life struggle is real! And last year the kiddos were kind of robbed from their experiences of getting to pick out new items like backpacks, desk stuff, clothes and school supplies! So yes, it’s a perfect excuse for a little shopping spree and…

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