That phrase never meant so much until now.

To catch you up my fair readers….

2008 – 2010 Chris and I moved to Maui as Chris accepted the job as Art Director for MauiTime and I worked at The Grand Wailea.

2010 – 2012 Chris and I packed up and moved to The Emerald City, better known as Seattle. (Why we moved from sunny Maui to rainy Seattle? I shall discuss that later!) Chris accepted the job as Associate Art Director for Seattle Met Magazine and I was the Event Marketing Associate for the marketing department.

2012 – Present Chris and I moved back home to launch Houstonia Magazine. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s the city’s number one selling magazine!

We are so grateful to be back home with jobs that we love and family and friends we’ve missed oh, so much.

In the midst of launching Houstonia, I will continue to share our stories on re-discovering our H-Town and reveal what inspires me on a daily basis from fashion, food and fitness to marriage, DIY ideas and so much more.

So, grab your cup o’ jo and come along with me as Chris and I try to navigate this crazy little thing called life.