Oh, fourth of July. You have my heart. Whether it be BBQ, beaches, bathing suits, bonfires, fireworks and friends, the 4th never seems to disappoint.

With each holiday, I like to customize outfits with a creative spin on the classic “outfit.”

This year, we spent the fourth in Dallas, with some great friends at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic music celebration. So, I, of course, wanted to be decked out in red, white and blue, but not in a tacky and annoying way. My spin, was to take those classic colors and have some fun. See below for some 4th of July fun with fashion

You don’t always have to wear red. I chose to don some neon orange shorts, with a multicolored belt. And you can never go wrong with a white tank.

Since you have a simple, classic white tank, you have a little freedom to dress it up. Think a statement necklace, red lips or blingin’ ear rings. A light blue/green bauble necklace ties in the classic color combo, with a fun and feminine twist. Top it off with some fun shades, and you’re ready to rock!

What did you wear this fourth? What was your statement piece of the outfit? Would love to hear below!