I’m excited to be launching my Bayou’s Best series with Lilah Gabriel jewelry. If you haven’t heard of her yet, she should be on your fashion radar. Her jewelry is eclectic and beautiful – a must to finish out summer with a bang!

1) Your jewelry is stunning, unique and versatile. Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind your summer collection.

We were inspired by culture and color in all forms. From Huichol Art, Dios De Las Muertas, Art Deco, Rosaries, Textile Patterns and Architecture from around the world. All the jewelry is hand beaded with extreme attention to detail.

2) What is your favorite piece from the summer collection?

Such a hard question, we love all of them! The skull pendants are definitely the favorite of the summer.

Lilah Gabriel Skull Pendant

3) Who do you envision wearing your designs? And do you think about this when creating your pieces?

An independent and stylish girl with passion for life. She doesn’t follow trends, she creates them. We always think about our customer, from concept to creation.

4) What piece(s) are you wearing right now?

Essie (beaded multi pendant) and the Snakeskin Beaded Skull pendant.

5) Who is a must-follow on twitter?

There are so many! International, I love @TimesFashion. National, I love @ZINKMagazine. Local, I love @HoustoniaMag.

6) Describe your personal style in three words.

Effortless, edgy, euro.

Don’t forget to check back here next month as we speak with Lilah Gabriel about her new fall collection and offer a very special giveaway!

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