Being diagnosed with psoriasis is complicated enough. You’ve just been told that you have a disease that doesn’t have a cure…yet. How about learning psoriasis has five different types it can be categorized as, and you have no idea where you fit in? Or you find out that psoriasis is genetic, yet no one in your family has it. How about hearing that there are numerous treatment options out there (biologics, steroids, light therapy, oral tablets, tar baths), and you have no idea where to begin?

I’m here to tell you that it does get easier, I promise! Now that you have that out of the way. Let’s talk about biologics as a treatment option.

Deciding whether or not you should begin biologics will be a decision that you make with your doctor. To help you on your journey, I’ve listed out the top seven things to know when beginning biologics.

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Have you started biologics recently? What are some simple ways that helped you make that decision? I’d love to hear below.