I’ve had psoriasis for about 15+ years now. When I was first diaganosed there definitely wasn’t all the information out there like there is now.

And there definitely weren’t any celebrities like LeAnn Rimes and Cyndi Lauper, TV show hosts like Stacy London, Golf legend Phil Mickelson, models like Cari Dee English and reality TV personalities like Kim Kardashian and LaLa Anthony speaking up about their psoriasis journey.

That’s why I was so honored and excited to interview five-time Olympian swimmer — and 12-time medalist — Dara Torres as she opens up about her psoriasis journey.

Dara Torres Dara Torres Psoriasis Show More Of You Campaign

You may know that she’s a five-time Olympian.

You may know she’s a New York Times Best Selling Author of Age Is Just A Number

You may know she’s a mom— whose daughter just walked in the Olympics!

But what you may not know is that she is 1 in 7.5 million people who has psoriasis. She is now on a mission to help bring awareness to psoriasis by joining Celgene’s new Shore More of You campaign which aims to inspire those living with psoriasis to raise awareness for the disease and celebrate their accomplishments.

See below for the interview.

You can also see full interview here.

Interview highlights:

What does having psoriasis mean to you and what has been the best part of having psoriasis. 
I shouldn’t be embarrassed about how I look. That its OK to be who you are and in your own skin even though you have psoriasis. To be proud of who you are, YOU can still reach your achievements even though you have psoriasis.

What is something you know about psoriasis now that you wished you knew when you were first diagnosed?

  • I didn’t realize how many people had it. In beginning people start to cover up. But now that there is a whole month dedicated to it where people don’t have to be afraid and don’t need to feel like they have to cover up. That’s what I love this about this website. It lets everyone go on there and celebrate the everyday accomplishments while still living with psoriasis.

Dr. Cather identifies three key steps to the doctor/patient relationship

  1.  Partner with a dermatologist and quantitate your disease to figure out the best option for treatment
  2. Figure out what your disease requires whether it be topicals, creams, biologics, pills or light therapy
  3.  Have a great role model think the National Psoriasis One-to-One Program
  4. Learn from yourself and control what you can control like your lifestyle, daily activities and diet.

Now I encourage you to visit the Show More of You campaign to learn more about Dara’s story, psoriasis and how you can get involved and stay informed. Don’t have psoriasis? That’s OK! We want you to be informed as much as possible. Feel free to submit a photo in the gallery on how you’re helping someone with psoriasis.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!