On the last day of 2016, I wanted to share the highlights of this past year. I don’t know about you but this year flew by! They always say that once you have a kid, time speeds up. It definitely did this year. I have enjoyed every single bit of motherhood. It changes you in so many ways. But in the best way possible.

Newborns don’t come with a manual. We had a lot of trial by error. A lot of tears. A lot of sleepless nights. A lot of joy. A lot of things to celebrate. Chris and I learned so much about parenting, patience, persistence and everything in between. We learned so much about ourselves and what it takes to build and grow a healthy and happy marriage. 6 years down and many more to go!

But motherhood isn’t always glamorous and that’s why I like to share the good, bad and ugly. I hope you follow along my Instagram as I navigate through this crazy little thing called life with my two best men!

As for New Year’s Resolutions – there wont be any here. I’m setting up goals! More on this to come later. I am determined to live a happy and healthy life. For my husband, for my son and myself.

Building my brand is also big priority for me in the new year. I want to stay true to who I am as a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I’m not worried about what others are doing. If I what I do helps just one person, than I have done my job!

I can’t wait to continue my work as a psoriasis advocate and social media influencer in the psoriasis world.

2016 has been, by far, one of the best years yet. Read below for my 2016 highlight reel. Cheers to a happy, successful and safe 2017!


Marriage & Motherhood

  • Celebrated 6 years of marriage with the husband!
  • Bought a house. OMG!
  • Traveled to La Grange for our first full weekend away from Declan.
  • Declan turned one! AH!
  • I met my goal of breastfeeding for a year. Read tips and tricks for conquering nursing like a champ here.
  • Went back to work after maternity leave & kicking butt!
  • Celebrated our first Halloween together as a family of three.

Psoriasis Advocacy

  • Spoke as a psoriasis patient and social media influencer at SXSW #HackMed Expo. Crazy cool experience.
  • Became a psoriasis blogger for Healthcentral. Check out my posts here.
  • Participated in HealthCentral’s Psoriasis: BigPicture campaign
  • Interviewed Olympian Dara Torres on her struggles with psoriasis and how she overcomes it on a daily basis.
  • Traveled to LA to work on a psoriasis project (so excited to share details on this in the new year!)
  • Guest blogger for the National Psoriasis Foundation. Check out my posts here and here.
  • Teamed up with TriDerma for a psoriasis giveaway. More giveaways to come in the new year!


I would love to hear what made 2016 so great for you. Tell me below!