I reached out to my network to get advice from top psoriasis bloggers.

Alisha Bridges, Being Me In My Own Skin

Brittany Ineson, Seeing Pspots

Julie Cerrone, It’s Just a Bad Day, Not A Bad Life

Lori-Ann Holbrook, City Girl Flare

It’s so important to have a strong support system including others with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis when living with either of these conditions. They can lend an ear when you have a flare up and don’t want to leave your house.

There are many women living with psoriasis who I look up to and rely on for inspiration on a daily basis. I reach out to these women, who happen to be doing some really great work empowering patients living with psoriasis, while living a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

Here is  a peak in to the article: their advice on how to inspiration for a fit and healthy life

  • I find my inspiration by following inspirational people on social media who are also living a healthy and fit life! I also look at things on Pinterest a lot for help and guidance on healthy recipes and simple exercises. – Alisha
  • I find it through other people. I follow a lot of people on Instagram and try to browse them, even if it’s just for few minutes each morning. Seeing other people with busy lives maintaining a healthy life pushes me to do the same. – Brittany
  • Myself. I want to live an amazing life. I want to continue to do the things I love. I want to live as normal of a life as I can. Therefore, I motivate and push myself to do everything in my capacity to live a healthy life. I keep an insanely strict diet, I exercise, I meditate. I also spend a ridiculous amount on supplements, I avoid toxins. It’s definitely hard to keep it up, but my commitment to myself is so strong that I won’t let anything break me! – Julie
  • I find my inspiration for a healthy and fit life from my fellow psoriatic disease bloggers. Because we all walk in each other’s shoes, they are the best dieticians and trainers I know! – Lori-Ann
  • My son and my husband! I know I need to operate at 110 percent every day, not just for me but for them. They push me to want to eat better, cook healthier meals for us, exercise as a family, and have an overall balanced life. – Sabrina

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