November, the month of giving thanks and being thankful. It might sound crazy, but I am thankful to be living with a chronic disease like psoriasis. Living with psoriasis has exposed me to so many different opportunities, introduced me to my #psofamily of #psoriasisbloggers and ultimately it has made me feel like I am not alone. And that’s why I’m writing this. To let you know that YOU are not alone and you have so much to be thankful for!

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Thanks to the National Psoriasis Foundation 

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, 7.5 MM people (2.2% of the population) in the US have psoriasis. Working with the NPF is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s through the NPF that I am able to connect with all of you. It is through the NPF that you hear about the latest in research and development for psoriasis. It is through the NPF and their seal of recognition on skin care products to help manage psoriasis that makes it easy to decide what products to use. It is through NPF that I am given opportunities to tell my story in different ways including for the Psoriasis Advance, participating in the Psoriasis: The Inside Story and so much more.

psoriasis and psoriasis treatment

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Family First
When you have an auto immune disease like psoriasis that has a genetic factor, you worry about how it will affect your family. I surround my self with supportive people who understand what it’s like when I have a flareup. I arm myself with the right information so that I can explain it to my sons when they ask what I have. Or make sure they have the right information so that they can one day explain it themselves and feel empowered to do the same. It gives me hope for a brighter future for our children!

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Healthy, Pregnant & Confident
Even through both my pregnancies, I was able to have access to some amazing psoriasis treatment products that weren’t available to me back when I was diagnosed. There are so many options out there now, that we should have problems deciding which treatment to choose from, not the other way around. For that, I am thankful for as well!

psoriasis and psoriasis treatment
Pso Thankful for My Pso Community
I am also thankful for the psoriasis online community and all the brands that support and care for those of us living with psoriasis. And I can’t thank the MetaDerm online mentor and coaches for the continuous support that is given while using MetaDerm. And this comes in the form of text messages that I just love!

The support comes right to your phone – how cool is that?

MetaDerm psoriasis treatment support

Read my last post on why I started MetaDerm’s new Health System. And make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as I document my journey using MetaDerm.

Have you started a new psoriasis treatment? I would love to hear how it’s going and what you are thankful for this month!

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