I love me some good graphic tees. Anyone else? Being a stay at home mom, you can get stuck in the mom-iform of leggings or sweat pants and whatever shirt is not covered in spit up or dried food. So I make it a point to put real clothes on, haha! If that’s in the form of comfy graphic tees, that’s under $15, sign me up.

Target’s new line Zoe+Liv and ModernLux has some of the cutest and comfiest graphic tees.

I share some of my favorite graphic tees below. Bonus: All of these are are under $15.

This Wifey for Life Tee is just the cutest. This one is from Francesca’s but I couldn’t find it on their website. But I did link similar Wife for Lifey Tee here.



I’m IN LOVE with this shirt. If you know me, then you know there are two things in this world that I love, and its Coffee and Weekends


And I couldn’t resist this “Donut Worry” tee.


Who says you can match with you little boy? I just had to get this Nasa Tee to match Declan. How cute is this? And it’s insanely soft. It’s only $12.99 right now. Declan’s tee can be found here.


This Always On Vacation tee pretty much sums up how I feel every day! And with two boys under the age of 3, you can bet I always in need of a vacay.


Is anyone as obsessed with avocado as much as I am? That’s why I had to get this Avocado-holic graphic tee. Here are two similar ones: You’re the Avocado to my Toast tee or similar


No emoji needed here with this Savage tee


This graphic tee is for my Gilmore Girl fans.


Because we all need a little reminder be kinder to everyone, so this Mas Amor, Por Favor graphic tee is just the best.

This Mom Love Grows Stronger Every Day. graphic tee is for all my moms out there, because it rings true on so many levels.

Which one of these graphic tees is your favorite? Tell me below!



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