I recently came back from Portland and decided to put together a what to do in Portland Travel Guide. Which was highly requested from y’all when asked what y’all wanted to see from me. So this will be a what to wear, what to eat, what to do Portland travel guide. Also, some of these recommendations come from when I used to live in the Northwest.

I went to Portland as part of the Psocial Ambassadors for the National Psoriasis Foundation and to attend the Research Trainee Symposium. You can see all about what I did there by checking out my Instagram Highlights “Advocacy” here.

Where To Drink Coffee (the most important, let’s be honest!)

  • Stumptown Coffee This place was right around the corner from our hotel so I went here a lot. The coffee was smooth and never bitter (sorry Starbucks!), super friendly customer service and just a cozy little spot.
  • Public Domain Coffee I stumbled upon this place as I was out walking around and I’m so glad I stopped in. I had their Maple Spice Latte and it was so delicious. Just ask the baristas what is their new or favorite drink and order that.
  • Coava Coffee Portland has A LOT of coffee places and this is probably one of its most famous roasters. So definitely check out one of their three locations.
  • Nossa Familia Coffee Delicious Brazilian coffee in Portland’s Pearl District.
  • Spella Cafe Now this one is for those of you who like your Italian coffee. And yes, there is a difference 😉 Choose from Italian-style cappuccinos and probably some of the best affogato (espresso over ice cream).


 Where To Eat

  • Deschutes Brewery Now stay with me. It’s not just a brewery, though they are known for their award-winning craft beer and hand-crafted ales. But their food is right up there with the cold brews.
  • Ken’s Artisan Bakery If you’re looking for something causal, this is for you. With French bistro fare, choose from elegant pastries, French local berries, flaky croissants and so much more.
  • Lardo East Quality Sandwiches from bahn-mis and an ever rotating selection of Chef’s selection sandwiches.
  • Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Homemade ice cream, locally made and sourced in Portland. Best known from the Food Network for their yummy ice cream sandwiches.
  • Pok Pok Probably one of the most unassuming spots you’ll go to. But the Thai dishes in this open-air dinning place will be totally worth the trip to the SE part of town.
  • Alder Pod which the largest downtown collection of Portland’s food carts. It may be a little over whelming at first because there is literally everything to choose from: Thai, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Mexican and even a Grilled Cheese truck (which is the one we tried and it was  so yummy!). So just walk around the whole park first then decide.
  • Beast Now this is for the ones who truly want a fine dining experience. It’s from 2014 James Beard Best Chef Northwest recipient, Naomi Pomeroy.

What To Wear

Because the weather can be so finicky in the Northwest, my biggest tip is to layer, layer, layer. When we were there we were probably the luckiest because it was the best weather ever. Again, you can see my stories here and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I was there for 4 days, 3 nights and I packed everything in a carry on (go me!). Depending on how long you’re going, I recommend the following:

I hope y’all found this what to do in Portland travel guide helpful! If you’ve been to Portland, please feel free to leave your suggestions for places to eat, things to see or what to wear below. I would love to hear!