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Living with psoriasis for 20+ years, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about what it takes to manage my psoriasis. A big thing for me is connecting with others who are walking the same walk, psoriasis and all. That’s why I’m so excited to share my experience with the Kopa for Psoriasis app and how beneficial it is for you if you’re living with psoriasis.

Even if you’re supporting a loved one who has psoriasis, there are so many resources to help you as well, including parenting with psoriasis.

Make sure to visit the Kopa for Psoriasis website hereand download the app today.

I’m sure you’re wondering, Sabrina, what does Kopa even mean? That was my question too!

Kopa means “together,” in Latvian.

So what exactly is Kopa for Psoriasis, Sabrina? Another great question!

Kopa for Psoriasis by Happify aims to create a virtual community for people who have Psoriasis. The app provides a platform where individuals can support one another, and learn about their condition from experts through an easy to navigate app.

Did I mention, the app is extremely user friendly making it easy to navigate between your feed full of relevant articles + resources + treatment options; the explore page where you can get advice on managing your symptoms, topics related to mental health, healthy living, relationships + family; a chat function to interact with others and so much more. You can even create your own post with any questions you may have!

Kopa for Psoriasis App Explore Page
Mental Health Section

Within your Feed, you also can talk to and interact with others living with psoriasis. Whether it’s just a simple “Hi, how are you doing?” or commenting on someone else’s post with what has worked for you, I think Kopa for Psoriasis is what the psoriasis community truly needs. A place to support each other, share advice, learn from experts, and cope better with your condition – together.

Kopa for Psoriasis App Chat Function

Make sure to visit Kopa for Psoriasis here and download the app today.

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