I was managing the psoriasis on my body with topicals and lotions. But 5 years after my psoriasis diagnosis, the extreme itch and flakes on my scalp emerged. Did you know that about 56% of people who have psoriasis also have scalp psoriasis? I remember reading this on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website and thinking, “Oh wow, what if I have scalp psoriasis? I have had dandruff for a while and it doesn’t seem to go away. Maybe it’s not really dandruff.” I learned that psoriasis plaques on your scalp feel thicker than dandruff does. I rubbed my hand over the plaques and thought, “Well, those feel really thick. Maybe that’s why dandruff shampoo isn’t working.”

Looking for answers

I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist. I remember sitting in that office, thinking I was finally about to have answers as to why my scalp was still itching after months and months of using dandruff shampoo. I needed relief. I knew I had to speak up for myself because if I didn’t, who would? Was I supposed to keep living like this, always looking over my shoulder for those pesky, white flakes? No, thank you.

I told my dermatologist I had tried all these different dandruff shampoos, shampoo for dry and damaged hair, and even hair masks. But all the symptoms were still there: thick plaques, extreme itch, and severe flaking.

He examined my scalp and indeed confirmed what I already knew. I had scalp psoriasis.

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