Think of CHIT CHAT as a place where you can submit your fashion and lifestyle questions. Send me your questions and I’ll post the answers. No question is too large or too small. Just need some inspiration for your next date night outfit? How about what patterns to mix and match? Or what type of denim fits your body style the best? I’m game. Now, send me your questions so we can CHIT CHAT.

We’re kicking this series off with a great question from Marina, a 29 year old teacher looking for the perfect pedicure:

“What’s a good summer color for a pedicure?”
With summer coming to a close, you can look at this from two angles: you can choose a fun, flirty, pastel color if you want to hang on to summer a little longer; or you can go with a bold and feisty color to help usher in fall. Marina chose a paisley purple:

Pastel Purlple

Which way would you go? Tell me below!