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Top Places To Camp In Colorado

Colorado is known for its beautiful outdoors, especially in the spring and summer time. What better way to embrace that beauty than to camp! There are hundreds of beautiful places to camp in Colorado, but I am going to touch on some of the most popular! I will also be making it easy for you by including the distance the camping destination is from Boulder and Denver, a camping checklist and some other websites that offer camping tips and tricks.…

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Trendy Tees on Amazon Under $30

Who doesn’t love a good trendy tee whether it’s a trendy graphic tee, your basic tee or florals and patters! Amazon is a favorite go to for all times of the year because they have just about every color, pattern and style you could imagine. I’ve rounded up my fave trendy tees on Amazon that are all under $30! I have linked them individually below or all are linked in my Amazon Store here under Trendy Tees. Let’s Talk Solids! Amazon…

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Amazon Fashion Favorites Under $35

That’s right, by high request (like 10 of yall asked haha!) I’m sharing some of my Amazon favorites here. Believe it or not, this past year I think we’ve all embraced getting basically anything from Amazon #thankscovid. For me, that includes clothes #obvi Not to mention the clothing is adorable and affordable! Keep reading for some of my Amazon favorites and the best part they are all under $35. You can shop from my Amazon Store anytime here and all…

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The Gift of Wisdom This Holiday Season

This year has put a lot of things on pause (travel, school, big family gatherings). But 2020 hasn’t stopped my passion for bringing those of you living with breast cancer inspiration—whether it be in the form of this column or messages of hope on Instagram. So I thought it fitting, in this holiday month, to bestow upon y’all the “Gift of Breast Cancer Wisdom.” It’s a compilation of responses I got from other breast cancer survivors when I asked them about moving…

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Holiday Gift Guide – Cancer Warrior Edition

This holiday gift guide is for all my cancer warriors out there. Every cancer diagnosis is different. Every chemo journey will be different. But what isn’t different is the anxiety and fear that comes with tackling something that no one is ever prepared for. This list is made up of seemingly little things, but together they’ve made my cancer journey less scary. I hope it does the same for you or your loved ones fighting through a cancer diagnosis. Remember,…

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Breast Health: Getting To Know Your Normal

This is post is sponsored by Solis Mammography, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Getting to know your normal for breast health is a topic I’m obviously very passionate about. That’s why I knew it was the perfect partnership when Solis Mammography reached out to me to partner together and bring more awareness to the conversation around women’s breast health. So stick with me here while I share what it even means to know your normal for breast…

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The Top Things That Helped Me Through Radiation Therapy

I didn’t worry about radiation therapy during my breast cancer journey. I worried about a lot of things with breast cancer: the actual diagnosis, getting chemo, and losing all of my hair. In fact, I was so busy and distracted reading everything I could about chemo that I hardly spent any time learning about the effects of radiation—which is maybe why I was never that nervous about radiation therapy. I wanted to write this piece because in hindsight, there are…

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Celebrating One Year as a Breast Cancer Survivor

Where did the time go? Oh right—surgery, chemo, radiation, moving houses, raising kids, COVID. Here’s what I’ve learned, 12 months on. Survivor: A person who copes well with difficulties in life. A breast cancer survivor? I don’t think a woman diagnosed with the disease ever fully expects to hear those words—or can even imagine when she’ll actually feel like a survivor instead of a fighter. But a person who copes well with difficulties in their life, well, that is something…

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My Experience With Kopa For Psoriasis App

This post was sponsored by Happify as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Living with psoriasis for 20+ years, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about what it takes to manage my psoriasis. A big thing for me is connecting with others who are walking the same walk, psoriasis and all. That’s why I’m so excited to share my experience with the Kopa for…

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Building My Support Network Through A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Also known as how I’m handling cancer, chemo, motherhood, marriage, and a move—all at once. Community. Find a community, they say. Find someone who gets you—a support network that can help when you need it the most. Boy are they right! Community is what has saved me during this breast cancer journey. My support network has played a critical role in helping me handle cancer, chemo, motherhood, marriage and a move—all at once. My community starts with my husband, Chris,…

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The Day I Heard My Child Say “Mom Has Cancer.”

I wanted to shield my family from the disease, but soon found out that when it comes to kids, honesty is (almost) always the best policy. When you become a mother, you worry about keeping your children safe from getting hurt. You focus on making sure they’re eating their fruits and vegetables. You stress out about their nap times. What you don’t anticipate when you become a mother is having to explain to your child that you have cancer. Being…

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Get Your Closet Ready For Summer

Summer is arguably the best season to experiment with different looks and color palettes. It’s the time where wearing loud, vibrant prints is valid — encouraged and expected even — with casual, laidback outfits just as acceptable. But even though the season calls for creativity, you also should be wary about the type of pieces you’ll be sporting. The increasing temperatures mean you have to pick items that will not cause you to perspire more than you should, all while…

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Chemo Took My Hair. Here’s What I Did

Chemo took my hair, but here’s what I did. If you’re new here, my name is Sabrina Skiles, I have breast cancer and I just finished chemo. Wow. I can’t believe I get to write that. I honestly couldn’t imagine saying that when I heard I needed chemo almost seven months ago. The end just seemed so far away. But here I am, as surreal as it seems. Something else you should know: Like a lot of people, I lost…

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The Top 9 Things That Helped Me Through Breast Cancer

It’s been 189 days since my breast cancer diagnosis and 153 days since I started chemo. But who is really counting? During those days, there have been some OK moments—and a whole lot of pretty rough spots. A number of things have helped me through it all (peppermint oil, the Giving Keys necklace, and gratitude journal—I’m looking at you!). I wanted to share the things that have gotten me through this crazy #cancerlife thing, as well as tell you why…

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Sabrina Skiles Talks To Olympian Shannon Miller And Dani Strumeier About Cycle for Survival: The Movement To Beat Rare Cancers

I had the privilege of interviewing Shannon Miller, one of the most decorated U.S. Olympic Gymnasts in history and member of the famed Magnificent 7, who has achieved much success through teamwork. Now Shannon is teaming up with fellow cancer survivor, Dani Strumeier, to champion a cause for all who are battling rare cancers – Cycle for Survival, the movement to beat rare cancers. We discuss their involvement with Cycle for Survival, a big goal they have and they each answer this…

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