DIY’ing can either be a blast or a pain in the butt! If you have the right amount of patience and creativity you can turn boring pieces of fabric, old clothes, vintage buttons and frames into magnificent pieces of DIY for YOU.

Here are two of my favorites:

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Both were super easy to create with things I just had laying around the house (and some cheap pearl and diamond adhesive’s you buy at Michaels for $.99).

Chevron-Striped Jewelry Holder
1) Get an old frame and your favorite piece of fabric (you can buy a small size from the fabric store or cut up an old t-shirt).
2) Lay the fabric over the inside panelling of the frame.
3) Put back into frame.
4) Pin in your favorite pins (they can be pearl or diamond encrusted) in the place you want to hang your jewelry.

Ring Display
1) Get an old small frame (like the ones your grandma had or just a small one from the dollar store).
2) Choose your favorite adhesives (can be pearl, diamond, amethyst or any type of jewel).
3) Put into a fun pattern!
4) Get a silk fabric (or a ribbon, since you wont need much to cover the space).
5) Attach the silk fabric to the inside panelling of the frame.
6) Pin in your favorite pin.
7) Hang your ring!