Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Meredith Lynch, stylist for Stella and Dot jewelry company. I picked her brain on her favorite Stella and Dot must-haves and the new Summer tote line!

Tell us a little bit about Stella & Dot.
 Stella & Dot gives women a fun and easy way to shop for accessories with friends over drinks! Half of the line is under $50 and there is something for everyone- whether it’s small, delicate necklaces or pop of color statement earrings- Stella & Dot has it all. S&D was started by Jessica Herrin who wanted to give women a wonderful opportunity to have their own business without all the hassle of having to brand and advertise their new business. With the help of world-renowned designer Blythe Harris, Stella & Dot has become an icon of fashion, fun, and flexible entrepreneurial opportunities.

How did you first hear about Stella & Dot?
I first saw Stella & Dot in a small downtown Houston trade show. Stella & Dot stuck out gloriously with perfectly displayed and easy-to-try on accessories. I couldn’t believe how adorable and on trend the jewelry was and yet still affordable  A few months later I was invited to a friend’s trunk show where I completely fell in love with everything I tried on and the atmosphere of how the jewelry was presented.

Stella & Dot is all about offering today’s busy woman a career alternative that can guarantee them flexibility, reward, style, profit, and funWhat do you like most about being a stylist with Stella & Dot?
I love that I am able to make my business what I want it to be. It’s amazing that I have the opportunity to make a couple extra hundred dollars for having a girls spa day or a few thousand to help pay off school loans – it’s all about how much you want to put into yourself and your business. The wonderful part is that Stella & Dot has the tools to help me with whatever my goals are; I don’t even have to create my own business plan.

How would you describe your Stella and Dot style?
That is a tough question! My style changes daily with my mood. During the week, I usually go with the layered look of wearing a few different length necklaces or wearing a statement necklace to give my boring work outfit a stylish edge. On the weekend, I’m a jeans or yoga pants kind of girl. I love that I can wear a plain t-shirt and my favorite pants with stack-able bracelets that makes my ‘outfit’ look like an outfit without giving up my very-loved weekend comfort!

What is one lesson you’ve learned from working with Stella & Dot that sticks with you? 

“Don’t give up!” It took me a while to really get in the groove of my business and realize that if I want to make more and take my business one step further that I can actually do it as long as I don’t settle or give up. It’s easy to think “I’m too far from my goals, so I’ll just give up now and not waste anymore effort.” But that’s totally wrong! If you stick with your goals and tell yourself  “I’m not giving up,” your goals are so much more achievable and realistic.

What advice do you have for other women looking be a Stella & Dot stylist and are there any myths to expel?
Being a Stella and Dot stylist come with many advantages: from whether you want to layer your income and add to your current job (which is what I wanted to do with my Stella & Dot business); if you’re a stay at home mom really craving some adult time and want to make some cash to spend on yourself without the hubby nagging you; or even if you’re a teacher looking for something fun to do during those three (wonderful) months of Summer away from the kids.
These are all amazing reasons to look at starting your own business with Stella & Dot. To sign up to start, it’s $199 which gives you $350 in free Stella & Dot product, catalogs and look books, access to our famous Stella & Dot University online and more.
We don’t have many myths flying around about S&D, but I will say that it is not as hard as you think it might be. I advise if you want to give it a try, just go for it! The worst that can happen is that in one month you can make your $199 back plus some extra cash and you’ll have some adorable accessories you can hold on to!

What is your favorite piece from the new Summer collection?
I am in love the Jolie necklace! When I first saw it, I thought “meh, that’s not really that cute” until I bought it. Now I wear it about three times a week. I actually have to keep mental notes on when I wore it last so I’m not wearing it every other day!

Stella & Dot recently revealed their new tote collection. What is so great about this line and which one is a must-have for the Summer?
The S&D New York office (the brain of design for Stella & Dot) really love creating versatile jewelry: a necklace that can be worn four different ways or a bracelet that can be layered or knotted as a necklace. In keeping with that, they created this awesome line of bags and totes that have what I like to call an extra little special power, like the Getaway. The Getaway bag is a perfect weekender bag or carry-on. It has a zipper around the base that you can keep zipped on your way to your destination and unzip later to stuff in all the goodies and gifts you picked up on your trip.



If you are interested in learning more about Stella & Dot accessories, getting free jewelry, or starting up your own business, contact Meredith at or check out her site HERE.
Are you obsessed with Stella and Dot like I am? Which piece is your go-to and what tote is on your Summer must-have list? Leave your comments below!