I’ve never been a gal to mix and match patterns, even if it was the “next biggest trend.” But, I think now that I am older and understand how to wear clothes that fit my body type and how to buy quality over quantity, I understand clothes and fashion better. I also believe in staying on top of the trends by spending all my free time perusing the fashion magazines and following @IFB@PRCouture, @haparsbazaarus and @refinery29.

I feel like I have refined my fashion palette and love this new challenge of finding patterns to incorporate into my daily fashion life. Here are just a few photos of my latest masterpiece:

mix-and-match-Summer Favorite

LOFT Tribal Print Blouse; LOFT bracelet bunch; TARGET black and white skirt

Closing out the summer calls for trendy tribal, bold prints and a dare-to-be-different ‘tude! Love this look? Have you mix and matched before? Would love to hear about it below!