If you’re like me then a lot, and I mean A LOT, of your girlfriends are having their tiny, little bundles of joy right now. So you’re probably asking yourself, “What do I bring a brand new mom who probably already has received most everything from her baby shower wish list (and more), but I still want to make HER feel special”

I am here to help! My twin sister had Dominic 11 1/2 months ago and several good friends have had their babies recently, so I had a lot of inspiration behind this post.

new mom basket

Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting your girlfriend:

1) Pamper Her: Every new mom loves to be pampered and loves her “me time.” This can include her favorite face wash, chapstick and of course, hand sanitizer.

2) Pamper Her: There are days where she is just gonna feel like keeping her hair up all day – and that’s OK. Aleve goes a long way too.

3) Pamper Her: A clean face will make a new mom feel brand new! You can include face wipes and moisturizing cream.

4) Spoil Her: Chocolate and Starbucks will always brighten her long, sleepless nights/days.

5) Spoil Her: They probably have so many crock pot meals and frozen lasagna. A good breakfast parfait is hard to pass up – plus it’s quick to fix.

6) Personal: Every new mom needs also needs her personal items, i.e. lanolin cream, nipple pads and a neck massager.

7) Spoil Her:  A subscription for Parents Magazine will be helpful for new mom and dad.

One more thing: find a fun and useful basket that she can put to go use later. Like this one pictured HERE from Target.

Have you found something a new mom is just dying to have? Did I miss something here? I would love to hear your comments below!