He or She? What will it be?

Gender Reveal parties seem to be all the rage right now. That’s why when my twin sister asked me to plan her first gender reveal party I was beyond thrilled. For those who don’t know, I am an event planner and I love every aspect of planning events. I live to make your life so much easier whether it be planning a gender reveal party, A Curious George themed First Birthday Party(more on this one later!) or a Holiday Get Together – your wish is my command.

Today, I’m focused on the ever popular gender reveal party.

  1. The Envelope. You can choose to be the person who has the knowledge of what the baby will be. Take it with a grain of salt. Though it is very exciting to be one of two people who knows, you will always wonder if you’re going to give it away by going with pink first or telling her to choose blue for some reason. My friend Nicole met up with my sister after her doctors appointment – my sister is not good with surprises or secrets. She called me as soon as she was opening up the envelope. Pure excitment between us both! I don’t think I would change that.

    Envelope from Doctor_HomegrownHouston

    Envelope from Doctor

  2. The Wait Period. Make this as short as can be. My sister went to the doctor on a Tuesday and we had her party planned for that following Saturday. If we could have done it with a shorter timeframe I would’ve. You don’t need as much time as you would for other parties to plan i.e. food, decor, games because you already know the theme. And food can be as general as you want.
  3. The Decor. This will be as easy, yet as fun, as you can get. Pink and Blue! Because of the popularity of these parties, there is decor every where. See below for what we decided to go with. We took some themes we saw on Pinterest and added our own little flare.
    • I went to the dollar store to get table cloths, tissue paper, confetti, and coffee filters (die pink and blue to make your own pom poms!).
    • My mother was a big scrapbooker so we were lucky enough to have A LOT of decorative paper and place cards to play with. This saved a lot of money. Reach out to your friends and even guests coming to the party. They will loved to feel included.
    • We even had our own baby bottles filled with candy as cute (and free!) decor
    • We printed out the below banner on our own printer – which saved money too and adds that extra touch of special because it was done by hand.
Fireplace Decor_HomegrownHouston

Fireplace Decor – Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Decor_HomegrownHouston

Mason jars filled with tie dyed coffee filters

Gender Reveal Decor_HomegrownHouston

Food Table

Pink and Blue Oreos

Pink and Blue Dipped Oreos and Strawberries

Old Wives Tales - Gender Reveal Party

Old Wives Tales – Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Decor_HomegrownHouston

Ultrasound photo surrounded by questions marks, printed out at home on colored paper

Gender Reveal Party Door Decor_HomegrownHouston

Door Decor

Which Team Are You_HomegrownHouston

Which Team Are You Decor

– ASK people to dress up as their guess – pink or blue. This makes for GREAT conversation with guests who may not know eachother. Plus you can take some fun photos afterward:


Team Pink_HomegrownHouston

Team Pink

Team Blue

  1. The Reveal. Ask the mom-and-dad-to-be how they’d like to have it revealed. Marina and Dave wanted it done by using black balloons with the colored confetti inside.
    •  BE FOREWARNED: Party City or Party Boy DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stuff the balloons with confetti. You have to do this yourself. Or you can order pre-stuffed balloons HERE. Because I also try to save money where we can, I bought the balloons at Party City and stuffed them myself with pink confetti. Stuffing two medium sized balloons took about 35 mins and was $3. I did this the day of. But would definitely recommend paying a little more to get the pre-filled balloons.


Gender Reveal Party Decor_HomegrownHouston

Mom to be is having a girl!

CoHost, Mom-to-be, Me

CoHost, Mom-to-be, Me