Monday: Show some love! Tell someone you love and appreciate them and why and share it with us. This was easy! I tell those in my life everyday that I love and appreciate them. Read my article on Finding Love with Psoriasis.

Tuesday: Cook at home. Anyone who knows me, knows I love cooking at home. Tonight I made a honey-glazed salmon.

Wednesday: Take the stairs. Take the stairs, park a little farther away, stand up from your desk and stretch. I went to the grocery store and instead or parking in the reserved spot for “Expectant Moms” I chose one further away 🙂

Thursday: Be a Citizen Pscientist. Join our online patient-centered research community where you get to be the subject and the scientist – and help influence research! I did so here.

Friday: Take a breather! Stress reduction, breathing exercise to help reduce stress. I do prenatal yoga every week. I have found Apple Yoga on youtube and really like her. For my pregger friends, watch her videos and subscribe to her channel. If you want to try out yoga for the first time click here for another great youtube channel.

Saturday: Walk with us. Join a Team NPF Walk in your community.  Please join me in my Walk to Cure Psoriasis happening October 10 at Discovery Green. Join here. You can sign up to be on my team or even make a donation in any amount. I really appreciate your help!

Sunday: Pat yourself on the back! Take the time to celebrate your accomplishments this month. What are you most proud of? I am most proud of sticking to these challenges for so many reasons.

I have continued to exercise, walk and do my weekly yoga because of these challenges; I went outside my comfort zone and put together this video with my other psoriasis bloggers; my husband and I unplugged after 9pm–which I thought would be difficult for him, but it wasn’t that bad. I have even considered making it mandatory in our house; I have continued writing almost every day—practice makes perfect; I actually developed a content calendar which I have been putting off for months; and most importantly I have continued to raise awareness for psoriasis! I am most proud of that and I can’t thank NPF enough for giving me that opportunity.

Monday: Go the extra mile! You made it! Challenge for the last day is to pledge to continue working toward one health goal until World Psoriasis Day.

I pledge to continue writing every day, walking my dog daily with my husband, weekly runs and yoga sessions, and unplugging at least once a month to start.

How’d you do during this challenge? Did you step outside your comfort zone? Did you walk more? What did you learn about psoriasis? Tell me below!