I’ve got something special for you today along with my #psoriasis #bloggers Alisha ‘Sixdeuce’ Bridges, Brittany A. Ineson, Joni Reece, Julie Cerrone​, Lori-Ann French Holbrook & Todd Bello(in spirit!).

Today’s National Psoriasis Foundation #psoriasis awareness month wellness challenge is to “Make your own soundtrack. Create a mix of songs that remind you of happy moments.”

Here we are (lip syncing) to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” I love this song. I think it embodies everything about wanting to take your life back after something has happened to you. That’s what having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis is about. We deal with pain, itchiness, sore muscles, achy joints, lots of medication and the list goes on. But we’re still here fighting this fight God chose to give to us and prove I’m alright.

With that, hope you enjoy our take on “Fight Song”

What’s your favorite song that always puts a smile on your face when you’re in funk? Share below!