I had a blast in San Francisco this past week. You can read all about it here.

Now packing for this conference and little vacay was not easy. My husband and I had never been to San Francisco so I didn’t really know what the weather was going to be like. My cousin who lives there said to bring layers because it can turn from relatively nice to cold and windy. So, that’s what I did. And boy am I glad I had choices. Read on for my wardrobe choices and travel essentials.

Traveling on a plan has never been a favorite of mine, so I want to make sure I’m comfy. Cue this Forever 21 tee and my go-to leggings. I still feel put-together but I’m comfortable! My Da Kine traveling bag is the best. It’s big enough to hold my iMac, but small enough to use as a carry on for other things as well. Bonus for the matching luggage.

See here for similar design. Super easy to spot and great durability. This luggage set has been to Maui, Seattle, Houston and now San Fran! Check them out!

Travel Outfit - Forever 21 shirt, Guess leggings, Converse

The next day it was suppose to be between 65-70. So I decided to go with these pants—super light fabric and they can be rolled up to the knee if need be. Great fabric for those with psoriasis. You don’t feel stuffy and it doesn’t stick to your skin. I paired it with this easy black v neck and my leather jacket. You can finally see my baby bump here too! Yay!

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Target Shirt_Impeccable Pig Pants

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Target Shirt_Impeccable Pig Pants2

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Target Shirt_Impeccable Pig Pants2

Leather Jacket (similar) + T-Shirt + Pants (similar)

We visited the famous Lombard Street with these gorgeous hydrageanas in bloom.

Lombard Street in San Francisco


Homegrown Houston

My cousin who lives in Oakland met us up the next day and took us to explore the East Bay. Since it’s a little chillier on the East Bay, I decided to go with this coral blue tunic, leggings, leather jacket and clutch. I also carried this turquoise crossbody/clutch with me everywhere in San Fran. It’s just the right size for when we were out exploring the city, but elegant enough to be used as a clutch for dinner. I bought this clutch at a Chloe Dao pop up shop but I found a similar one below.

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Jessica Simpson Maternity Tunic_Chloe Dao clutch

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Jessica Simpson Maternity Tunic_Target leggings_Chloe Dao clutch 2

Langford Market Leather Jacket_Jessica Simpson Maternity Tunic_Target leggings_Chloe Dao clutch

Top (similar) + Leggings + Sandals (similar) + Clutch (similar)

I had the conference the next day and after the workshops my friend and I had about an hour to kill. It was hotter outside this day, so I went for these black and white shorts from Target and this silk top. None of these items are maternity wear (yet!). Thanks goodness for Target and H&M stretchy fabric 🙂 I was wearing jeans from the conference but just changed into these shorts, black sandals and turquoise clutch—I wasn’t lying when I took this with me everywhere.

The Limited Top_Target Shorts_Chloe Dao Purse

The Limited Top_Target Shorts

The Limited Top_Target Shorts

Top + Shorts

I wore this gorgeous black and white dress to the welcome reception. I love the light fabric and the fact that it accommodates my growing belly! And it’s not from a maternity line. Extra points to H&M for that! And it was only on sale for $10. For my psoriasis peeps: The best thing about maxi dresses is that it covers up your flares but you still feel glamorous in a dress. Best feeling!

H&M Dress_Charming Charlie Clutch

H&M Dress_Charming Charlie Clutch_Target Flats

H&M Dress_Charming Charlie Clutch

H&M Dress_Charming Charlie Clutch

Since I found the dress on sale, here are two similar ones: Dress, Dress + Clutch

Conference Day 2
I decided to go for two must-have maternity items: tunic and leggings. I went for this blush pink tunic and leather leggings. Since the tunic is a solid color, I paired it with this grey and pink scarf to give my outfit some more color. I also had my mini iPad with me the whole time. I love how small it is and even with a wireless keyboard, I was ready to go at each workshop.

H&M Blush tunic_Charming Charlie scarf

Top + Scarf (similar) + Bracelet, Bracelet

Our last day there, Chris and I were going to do some more exploring–which meant more walking.

Cue these insanely comfortable (not to mention stylish) Nike shoes. I actually bought these at the Nike store there. Chris was very concerned about my walking shoes, especially while being pregnant (sweet husband!) so we went to the Nike store to browse around. I instantly fell in love with these. I paired these with some classic white shorts and a quarter length sleeved shirt. It was great for the weather.

H&M top_Target Shorts_Nike Shorts


H&M top_Target Shorts_Nike Shoes

Nike Shoes

This shirt is perfect on so many levels. I am still looking for this shirt in multiple colors!

  • For those with psoriasis—it covers up any areas that may have a flare without being bulky.
  • For those who are pregnant—the fit accommodates your growing belly. You better believe I will be wearing this one a lot.
  • You can dress is up with a skirt and heels or even with your favorite printed jeans and flats for a more casual look.

I also wore these babies on the flight home with, you guessed it, leggings and this dark grey shirt from H&M. I love this shirt. I have it in three different colors.

Nike shoes 2

Shoes + Top (similar)