This photo sums up exactly how I feel about working with the National Psoriasis Foundation as psoriasis advocate. It was taken on set while working on Psoriasis: The Inside Story. Read more about it here.

I continue to be honored with amazing opportunities as a psoriasis advocate. Today, I am officially a National Psoriasis Foundation Psocial Ambassador.

NPF Psocial Ambassadors are a diverse group of patients with a strong digital voice, able to inform the psoriatic disease community about the latest treatments and research, NPF-led programs and campaigns, lifestyle tips, and resources and services available to better manage and treat their disease, while offering avenues of social support for people who often feel isolated by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

national psoriasis NVC conference_psoriasis_advocates

The following are a list of these other  amazing advocates:

NPF has some incredible resources available to those who have psoriasis like the Patient Navigation Center (which celebrated its one year anniversary in February!), the One to One Program, More Than Skin Deep events and so much more. I’m proud to be involved with this foundation!

Read more about NPF celebrating 50 years in 2017 here.

Living with someone who has psoriasis? Visit the above for more resources for you as well! Also, check out the National Volunteer Conference happening in Chicago in August.

The National Volunteer Conference brings together volunteers, families and caregivers from across the country to share experiences and create enduring relationships that help people in managing their disease. This years NVC will occur in conjunction with the NPF Research Symposium, which brings psoriatic disease researchers together to share discoveries, on August 3-5, 2017. Throughout the event, attendees will learn about NPF programs and services, and connect with others in the psoriatic disease community. For more information visit:

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