Traveling with psoriasis requires extra planning and packing. And after living with psoriasis for 15+ years, I feel like I know what it takes to travel — as stress free as possible. Here are my tips for traveling with psoriasis plus a psoriasis treatment that makes traveling easy!


  • Outfit Planning
    Since psoriasis can appear on the skin as red flaky patches, it’s helpful to plan each outfit ahead of time. Not feeling like yourself when a flare up hits? Then you’ll be glad you brought that comfy cardigan that can pretty much go with anything. Planning your outfits ahead of time will keep the stress (is this a major trigger for anyone else?) at a minimum and give you more time to enjoy your trip – one more margarita please!
  • Call Ahead
    If you have medication that needs to stay refrigerated or not sure of the airport/airplane guidelines, call ahead and ask! I have done this numerous times and am always met with a resounding, helpful answer. Call the hotel to make sure they’ll have a refrigerator in your room for your medication. If not, then ask them to delivery it. And don’t be afraid to the call the airline or airport either about bringing on a small cooler for your medication. I’ve never had a problem, and neither should you! Most airlines have this information on their website as well.
  • Extra, Extra: Always make sure you have at least a days worth of medication, lotion, cream, etc on you at all times. That’s where this Travel Size Toiletry comes in handy. Because traveling comes with a lot of questions: when will we get there? Will my luggage/clothes get there when I do? Will my lotion cream leak out? I always make sure to put my specific shampoo/lotion/cream in one of those travel size toiletry and keep with me no matter where I go. You never know when a flare up is going to come, right?
  • MetaDerm – A Psoriasis Treatment That Makes Traveling Easy
    I don’t know about you, but I have probably changed psoriasis medications so many times, I’ve lost count. But what I like to do is keep using the same natural lotion/cream on a daily basis, no matter what medication I’m on.  I have been using the MetaDerm Skin Health System and I’m obsessed. I love that every MetaDerm product is steroid-free, hypo-allergenic, and safe to use every day alone or with your prescription. Bonus! It makes traveling with psoriasis a breeze! The Skin Health system has just THREE parts:Heal and Prevent Cream + Heal and Prevent Spray + Clean & Care Body WashHeaded straight to dinner from the plane? Or going to brunch and then out shopping? Grab the Heal and Prevent Spray for on-the-go healing. The spray bottle is convenient enough for any cute clutch or boho bag! The spray is for use on the scalp or body!Did I mention MetaDerm comes with professional psoriasis support?  You can call, text, or email at any time for advice on your healing and or to adjust your treatment kit. Even when you’re traveling, you’re never without support.
*This post is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own!*