If you have any summer family travel plans coming up then you know how daunting it can be to plan the perfect trip. I recently interviewed family travel expert and “Taking the Kids” columnist Eileen Ogintz. She shares tips on planning your next family getaway and suggests great destinations ensuring fun for the whole family.


“Planning vacations with your kid’s interests in mind can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster,” Ogintz said.


Read her top three things to consider when planning your next family trip. Listen to the rest of the interview below, it’s less than 10 minutes – you’ll love it, I promise!

  1. Set your budget first. 
  2. Let everyone plan a part of the trip. Even the kids. They will lead you to memorable destinations and even create long-lasting memories.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get off the tourtist trap and do something different.

What are some must-haves for any summer family travel plans?

  1. A cooler for a road trip.
  2. Plenty of snacks for those hangry kids. Frito Lay variety packs will please the whole family.
  3. Have some fun surprises + a grab bag: even just a coloring book about where you’re going or a patch will get them excited for your next destination!

What are some top family travel destinations?

  1. Cruises: because it can be stress-free, no one has to do any chores and it’s a fit-for-any-kind of family: a multi-generational family or family with older children.
    • Carnival Horizon Ship which features an IMAX theatre, Sushi restaurants and Dr. Seuss WaterWorks park. 
  2. Maine is a hidden gem. There’s so much to choose from including a lobster boat ride, historic sailing schooner, or shop in the middle of the night  or bike on Acadia National Park where no cars are allowed. 


For more information about summer family travel tips please visit Taking The Kids.

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