August is Psoriasis Action Month and I’m so excited for another opportunity to bring more awareness to psoriatic disease and share more about my psoriasis journey with y’all.

Psoriasis Doesn’t Define Me
I have been living with psoriasis for 15+ years. I am finally in a place where I am happy, healthy and confident in the skin that I am in. Believe you me, it wasn’t always like that. It was when I started to manage my disease with treatment, that got me to the place where I am now.


I treat my psoriasis so I that I am able to get on the floor and play with my two kids without having to worry about the flares on my elbows; I treat my psoriasis so that I can wear a black dress to date night and not worry about the flakes on my shoulders; I treat my psoriasis so that I can continue to live a happy, healthy and balanced life according to my timeline, not the timeline of my when my psoriasis wants to flare up.

Psoriasis Action Month
Things change. Your symptoms change. Your health changes. With advancements in the number of treatment options available, now more than ever, it is easier to treat psoriasis – and the results can be life changing.

Regardless of the type of treatment (phototherapy, topical treatments, systemic drugs or biologics), patients who manage their psoriasis report a higher quality of life, less absenteeism at work and are more productive.

Psoriasis Action Month focuses on empowering people with psoriasis to take control of their disease.


What Can I Do 
If you are living with psoriasis you can assess how psoriasis impacts your life by taking this quiz.

If you don’t have psoriasis but want to get involved, you can learn more about what psoriasis is, you can donate to the Spring Fundraising Campaign,  you can also view the NPF’s calendar of events to see the different events in your area and how you can get more involved.

How long have you had psoriasis? I would love to hear from you and why you treat your psoriasis! If you haven’t read my latest post, I’m sharing 10 Tips for Staying Active with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis