If you’re looking for easy ways to improve your health today, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ve no doubt heard countless experts tell you the secrets to living a healthy life. As it turns out, these aren’t so much secrets as they are common sense ideas; eat a good diet, exercise regularly, and stay away from harmful substances. It’s a simple equation, but it works!

This blog post is different from all the other ones out there that give health tips. Instead of reciting the same advice again, I’ll show you some pretty weird and wonderful ideas that will drastically improve your health.


Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

Weigh Out Your Meals

Weighing out your meals is a very clever hack that keeps you healthy. Loads of people think they’re eating well, but the reality is they’re piling their plates and eating way too many calories or indulging in too much sugar and fat, etc. By weighing ingredients out on scales, you can properly manage your portions, ensuring you don’t go overboard. On the flip side, you also make sure you’re not underdoing it and are failing to get the nutrients you need. So, all in all, a very simple idea that works wonders.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

The shoes on your feet have a bizarre effect on your overall physical health. It’s mainly to do with your feet, but appropriate footwear also helps you avoid getting into unnecessary accidents. Always have shoes with good grip, so you don’t end up slipping and falling, then going to a personal injury attorney with crutches and a cast on your leg. Aside from the grip, your main focus is foot support. Shoes with poor support lead to collapsed arches in your feet, which gives you flat feet syndrome. In turn, this hurts your ankles, rotates your knees inwards, and messes up your hips and lower back as well. Loads of physical health problems stem from your feet. If you give them the proper support, you can prevent so much pain and live a healthier life. I recommend Adidas Boost which are great for people who have psoriatic arthritis has these shoes are easy on the joints. 



Use Blue Light Glasses

I told you these ideas were both wonderful and weird! Blue light glasses are special glasses that block out blue light. What is this? It’s the type of light usually given off by screens, like our phones. This light puts our eyes under strain, which means they can be damaged, but it also stops us from sleeping. If you struggle to get to sleep every night, then these glasses will seriously help you out. Then, when you sleep more, you automatically become a healthier person. Sleep helps our body recover and ensures we stay nice and refreshed every day. Wear these glasses before bed, and you will be amazed at the results.


To sum these ideas up; weigh your food to ensure you actually do eat a balanced diet, fix your feet and everything upwards will remain healthy, and block out blue light to sleep better every night. They may seem a bit strange, but they all work towards the same goal of making you as healthy as can be. Try them out, and let me know how you feel.

Which one do you think you’ll incorporate today, let me know below! I love hearing from yall!