Today I’m talking to Lifestyle Expert and Mom Karen Firsel on must-haves for busy moms. From balancing a career and kids to juggling over-booked schedules, moms are always on the go—and when you add back-to-school, to the mix, things get even more challenging. In fact, a recent study by heath app Achievement reveals moms sleep less than non-moms (and even dads!) in September and October.

The end of Summer means the beginning of hectic fall schedules and that “back to reality” mindset. We’re all busy- but no one more so than working moms. Lifestyle Expert and Mom Karen Firsel is here to offer tips and must-haves for busy moms get it all done this back to school season.

1: A recent study by heath app Achievement reveals moms sleep less than non-moms (and even dads!) in September and October. So how can moms make the most of their time so that WE get more done, enjoy our family time more and carve out essential self-care time?

  • Be organized and set a good schedule
  • Have a mud room? Use it to its full advantage!
  • Avoid the “morning rush. “Get things done the night before because something is always bond to happen with kids.

2:  How do we simplify our routines to make more family time?

  • Giving kids ownership: have them make their beds, pick out their clothes, choose what they want for breakfast.
  • Have breakfast together. Smithfield has some great protein packed breakfast items and has a great give back initiative: No Kids Hungry #BREAKFASTPOWER which incentivizes Smithfield to donate about 10 meals every time you post. It teaches kids about giving back.
  • Use Clorox wipes to combat those back to school virus and germs that kids are bound to get.


3:  How can we alleviate some of the stress that comes with back to school season?

  • Things don’t have to be perfect.
  • It takes a village. Share the responsibility with you family and friends.
  • Give yourself permission for some self care. Throw that #momguilt away.


4: Where can we go for more information?

Hope you enjoyed this interview! What did you love most about it? I’d love to hear below. Also, make sure to check out these Back to School Sales if you’re still looking for some great deals on apparel, shoes, backpacks, tech gear and more.