Y’all know how important oral health is to me and my family, so that’s why I’m so excited when cariPro reached out to me to try out their new cariPro Electronic Toothbrush. I have been using an electronic toothbrush for years now (more on the benefits below!) so I was excited to see how this one stacked up. Read on for what I think about the cariPro Electronic Toothbrush and why you need one in your life. There might just be a coupon code for you as well!

Because y’all’s feedback is so important to me, I asked y’all a few questions about your oral care on my Insta Stories. Thank yall so much for answering! 57 percent of y’all already use an electronic toothbrush. Currently, 71 percent of yall already know the benefits of an electronic toothbrush. YAY! Of that 57 percent, 63 percent of y’all have been using one your entire life. GREAT CHOICE! For the 82 percent of y’all looking at possibly changing to an electronic toothbrush, then you’re going to want to stick around for my full review + a discount code!

A Little Oral Care Background

I may be a little too obsessed with me and my family’s oral care, but it’s not something you want to slack on. Especially because gum disease is hereditary. And living with psoriasis I am at an elevated risk for gum disease as well.

I have been taking my boys to the dentist since they were both 18 months. We have a benchmark should anything happen in the future. They also brush their teeth twice a day. Yes, even my youngest!

I also have been using electronic toothbrushes for years now and absolutely love it. I made the switch when my dentist told me how much more plaque an electronic toothbrush helps brush away – thanks to the bristles constant rotating motion.

I also have a permanent wire on my bottom teeth, which I have had for years as well. When I was brush with a manuel one, I could literally never get all the plaque and tartar build up that accumulates there. When my dentist told me an electronic toothbrush would help with that, I made the switch and haven’t had ANY plaque buildup since then. I kid you not!

If I still haven’t convinced you on my love for electronic toothbrushes. Read on:

Why I Love The cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

All the other electronic toothbrushes I’ve ever had, only have one setting. I love that this toothbrush has 5 different brush modes: clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive.

Also, sometimes the replacement heads for toothbrushes cost almost has much as the toothbrush itself. I love that these replacement toothbrush heads are premium and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

It also has:

  • 40,000 vibrations / minute dynamic cleaning action
  • 5 brush modes (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive)
  • 30 day battery life (on full charge)
  • Ergonomic slim design with graphite gray soft-touch grip
  • Waterproof design is safe for shower or bath
  • Auto-interval smart timer for even & timed brushing
  • Wireless charging dock

Here are some FAQ’s for your convenience.

And surprise! Use my code: homegrownhouston20 to get 20% off your cariPRO Electronic Toothbrush purchase. How great is that?! I hope y’all like this brush as much as I do.

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Do you currently use an electronic toothbrush? I’d love to know below!