We recently went to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp-Resort right on the Guadalupe River and had a blast. I am recapping our family trip here including what we did, where we stayed, what we ate, and why we will definitely be back.

I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t too sure when Chris suggested this place, because I am not the camping gal. But, I am so glad we went because it was great to just get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and just be outside. And do nothing. Literally nothing at all. Y’all it was so much fun! I highly recommend booking this or something like this asap for your next family trip.

I actually have parts of our trip saved on my Instagram highlights under Jellystone Park.

What We Did

For those who don’t know, at the time of posting this, I my boys are 3.5 and 1.5 and we had the best time with both of them!

This park is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and right on the Guadalupe River. From the moment we got here, the boys were in heaven just walking around the grounds and throwing rocks in the river.

There are so many activities at the park that are sure to please everyone in your crew. From the water park, mini golf, 3 play grounds, an indoor heated pool, gem mining, jump pads, basket ball courts, indoor gym, and so much more.

They also have a rec center where they have hourly activities planned for the kids. And honestly, this was a great option for us! It offers a break from the sun and gives you the chance to make some fun crafts with your kiddos – that will probably end up in a bin (or trash can, shhhhh! my son still hasn’t ask about his drawing!). But we did keep the rocket he made and the hand mold. SO fun!

We also did the gem mining and Declan loved this. You purchase a bag of sand and “gems” from the camp store and go mining for gems. Then you get to keep them afterward. Super fun!

Add On’s
They have some add on’s that I highly, highly recommend you add on to your family trip. We added the golf cart rentals which the boys had an absolute blast doing. Seriously, every time we ask Declan what he loved about going he says: throwing rocks in the river and riding around in the golf cart! So Yes, rent a golf cart. It makes getting around the camp grounds a breeze + is so much fun!

We also added on a bear visit from Yogi Bear himself. And no we weren’t celebrating any birthdays or anything. But they do it for ANYTHING, even just for the fun of it. And y’all the look on Declan’s face was alllll worth it. Warning: if you’re booking this for your family trip, try to book these as early as possible, because time slots book up fast.

Water Park

This will probably be where you spend a lot of time during your family trip. Now, we went in what is considered their shoulder season. It’s before and after they get hella busy. But it was actually kind of nice because it was like we had the whole park to ourselves. Which meant the water park too. Granted, we went in the middle of April and I thought it would be a little warmer. The outside temperature was actually perfect. But that meant the water was a little on the chilly side. The boys still had a blast splashing around in the water and we loved the heated indoor pool!

Where We Stayed

There are a ton of ways to stay at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park from cabins to campsites. Now, as I mentioned, I am not a camping person. But give me a cabin with a bathroom, kitchen, and running water and I’m all good. So on this family trip, we went for the cabin.

We stayed at the Yakky Doodle Cabin which says it sleeps up to 7 with a loft area. We are a family of four. The “loft area” was actually a little deceiving. When you see/hear loft you’re thinking that you can at least stand. Y’all, my 3.5 year could barely stand up there. It was barely large enough to fit the pack and play. Sooooo that was a little disappointing. But it was enough so that Beckett had his own little area to sleep in. Declan slept in the bottom of the bunk bed and we were in the other room with a queen bed. We did bring our own linens and towels. If you know me, I’m super weird about those things. But if you’re not, you can rent linens there. Make sure to check out my IG story highlights for a full tour.

A few things to keep in mind about this layout:
– It was small, so once the kids go to bed, depending on what time you put them down, you’re pretty much stuck inside.
– OR if you’re kids are heavy sleepers, then you can hang out outside.
– The doors were so creaky that every time we opened the door, it was heard *eyeroll emoji*
– Plus, the door was right next door to Declan’s room, literally right next door.
– The loft area, is tiny. There is room to fit two younger kids or maybe teenagers if they don’t mind just sleeping up there and that’s it. Because I’m telling you, you can’t even stand up there.

What We Ate

There are several options on the campground for meals and food including a camp store for groceries, picnic supplies, ice, wood, etc., River Rock Pub and Pizzeria, Cartoon Cafe (which was under renovations when we were there) and a Sweet Shoppe.

We brought food from home to have other options: eggs (my boys love eggs), sandwiches, hotdogs, and lots of snacks. I would definitely recommend bringing your own food for a few of the meals, depending on how long you’ll be there. Saves on cost too!

We went to the pizzeria one night and that was good. We felt like it was a little over-priced for a pepperoni pizza. But, it was nice to have another option right on the campgrounds for dinner. Plus, we didn’t have to make it or clean up!

Also, since you’re in Kerville, you’re not far from other restaurants as well. We ventured out to their local cafe for dinner one night and it was good. Another night we went to Mamacita’s and that place was delicious! A great Tex-mex restaurant that is very kid-friendly and great for groups.

Final Thoughts

We have already talked about going back several times. We would love to go back with our family and friends with kids. Each family could have their own cabins, there’s so many activities for kids of all ages and you can’t really beat the location!

Before you go, make sure to check out their resort guide which tells you the activities they have the weekend you’re there, and also has if anything is under renovations which is great to know.