So many of you asked and it’s finally here: the best at home workouts to try today! If you’ve been following me and my IG stories then you know how much I love my at home workouts and my morning routine. Today, I’m finally sharing my picks for the best at home workouts to try today.

These all are on Amazon Prime Video. Which if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should now. Because then you have access to ALLLLL of these workouts too! I love these because most of them are 20 minutes or less and perfect for my busy mom life. Even though I get up at 5:30 to workout and have my morning time to read, write, spend time with my devotionals and get some work done all BEFORE the boys wake up – there are still times when they wake up early. So I love starting my day before anyone else is up and I set the tone of my day before someone else can.

If you’ve been wanting to try and fit in a workout, just try setting your alarm for 15-20 minutes before you wake up and start tomorrow. Remember, you don’t have to start “on Monday.” Tomorrow is just a good day as any!

With that being said, here are the best at home work outs:

Yoga with Adriene Louise
Yoga is such a great way to start moving your body without feeling intimidating! I love how she explains the purpose every every move and how beneficial it is for your body. She has a whole series that is all under 15 minutes and then she has other yoga practices that are for specific areas. Great for all levels.

Maggie Binkley 15 Minute Workouts
I’m linking her website in case you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can check her out there. Here is her series on Amazon Her series starts at 1.0 and goes to 7.0. Here 6.0 series is one of my faves and it’s with weights! I love that she has modifications for ALL fitness levels in each of her series. She also has a 30-1 minute warm up and cool down which I LOVE.

Quick Yoga Workouts with Lindsey Samper
Don’t let the title fool you. It might say Yoga but I feel a burn EVERY time I do these. And it does say for “weight loss and toning.” In this stage of my life, I am not trying to lose weight, I am all about toning! I love her friendly tone, modification levels, and the duration of the exercises are perfect.

Pro*Fit 7 Minute Workouts
If you’re looking for something a little shorter with a quick intervals, this one is for you! I love doing this when I hit the snooze button a few more times and I know I don’t have that extra 20-30 mins. These workouts are great! Plus, it’s from an Olympic trainer, so there’s that. She also has two other people with her doing a beginner and intermediate modifications. They also have a longer 20 min one too.

30 Day Bikini Body Challenge
Honestly, I wish the titles of these workout programs were a little different. I started this one because I wanted a program that gave me difference exercises each day, and that’s just what this one does. I wasn’t looking for a “bikini body” *insert eye roll emoji* Each day is different and this program is even filled with nutrition tips as well. Most of them are 20 mins or shorter too. The only thing is that her warm up and cool down aren’t part of each video, so you have to go back and watch them prior to each day. Which is a little annoying but still worth it for muscle recovery and to prevent injury.

Tara Lee’s Post Natal Yoga
This is a great one for my post partum mamas! After I have both babies, I still wanted to move my body but not with as much force as I did pre-baby. At least not for the first few months. This mama was tired! So this is a great option to still get the blood flowing and give you some of that much needed energy to keep up with babe.

Beginner HIIT Workout Programs
For those who want a quick burn and love HIIT workouts, this is the one! I will usually do a HIIT (high intensity interval training), once a week. These are all 20 minutes or less and for all fitness levels.

Quick Workout at Home For Women
I almost didn’t include this one because it’s not an actual person doing it LOL. There’s a person doing the movements and showing you how but it’s virtual. So it makes me LOL almost every time. I wanted to throw this one in there for a different option. Because they have everything from arm, leg, core, pilates, booty, and everything in between.

Do you have any favorite at home workouts? Share them below! Also, check out my last post on Our Family Trip To Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.