My Breast Cancer Journey: The Day I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer. That’s right, I’m giving up the ending right away. But stick with me folks, I promise I’ll make it good.

August 19, 2019 Do you have a minute to chat? Who knew five words would alter our life forever. You can read my exact thoughts on that day on my Instagram here

In early August of last year, I felt a small lump in my right breast. I wish I could say I do regular self-breast exams, but you caught me: #guilty. I don’t—or at least, I didn’t. I was just sitting outside on our porch swing in Houston with my husband. Both boys were napping and we were catching up on all the things happening in our lives. I randomly felt my right breast, which I know sounds weird, y’all. But when you’ve breastfed two kids—one for 12 months and one for four months—your breasts go through a lot. And sometimes, you just feel them when you remember.

What I felt wasn’t just my breast. It was a lump. “That doesn’t feel right, right?” I said to my husband, turning so he could feel it, too.

“Yeah, that doesn’t feel good,” he said. “You should get that checked out.” So I called my OB and we scheduled a mammogram for the next day. They ended up doing an ultrasound as well, which was a good thing because they also found a smaller “suspicious” spot on a lymph node. Then they did a biopsy.

It was Friday, August 16, 2019—my 35th birthday.

The next Monday, I got the call I had been waiting for. (Who knew you could hope for and dread something simultaneously?) Both boys were at school. The house was as calm as it ever was. Now when I look back on that time, it was literally the calm before the storm.

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Right now, I need to concentrate on “kicking cancer’s a**” as everyone keeps telling me.

This is just the first chapter y’all.

And let me say something about community. This community is unapologetically amazing and has blown me away. I have met SO many of you through Instagram who are battling this, who are survivors, who know someone who has gone through this. And every single message has made such an impact on this new journey for me. I

And the flowers. Y’all, the flowers that keep coming are nothing short of breathtaking and a little light in this darkness for me.

You make this crazy-cancer-thing not so crazy.

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If you’ve been recently diagnosed, let me know below or send me an email I would love to meet you because you are not meant to do this alone!