Whether you’re still in the honeymoon phase or been married 10+ years, it can be tricky finding the perfect gift for your significant other. Been there! Why are men so hard to shop for? Check out this list on what to buy for your significant other for Valentine’s Day whether he’s a sports enthusiast, beer drinker, music lover or romantic. *In Collaboration with Mary Davis.*

Vintage Workbag

Maybe your boyfriend works at a trendy start-up or just loves to look business-professional with style, either way a vintage bag where he can stash his Macbook, makes an excellent gift. You can generally find vintage designer bags for a good price.

Designer T-shirt

No matter his style, there’s a designer t-shirt out there to suit him. The range of classic 100% cotton shirts work for guys who are into logos or patterns and those who just want to keep it simple. At affordable pricing, t-shirts make great presents. You can take a look at brands like Dsquared 2 for ideas.

Tickets To A Sports Game

For the sports enthusiast in your life because at least know his favorite sports team. Tickets to a game are a present he’s bound to love!


If he’s into music you can bet he’s also into great quality audio which means a Bluetooth speaker he can take it anywhere. He’ll be able to choose from his own playlists on his phone or laptop and play his music completely wireless!

Grooming Kit

High-quality grooming products is a luxury your man might not buy for himself, but he’ll certainly appreciate the difference when he’s using them. What’s a better way to make him think of you every morning than using the highest quality aftershaves and colognes. Bonus, you can pick how your man smells!

Personalized Boxers

You can get just about anything personalized these days and printing your name on his underwear could be just the thing to raise a chuckle when he unwraps them. You can write “this belongs to” and put your name…genius.

Gourmet Beer Experience

So many men profess to love craft beer, so if you’re in a new relationship and don’t know what to buy, then a gourmet beer experience is a pretty safe bet. Make the most out of it and turn it into a road trip for the day!

Make a Scrapbook

For the romantic in your life: If you’re on a budget, nothing says “I love you” like a gift you’ve made yourself. Raid your insta and print out the photos to make a scrapbook he’ll treasure forever. Companies like Mixtile and Mint make it super easy!

Yeti Cooler

A cooler could make all the difference to his camping or fishing trips. It could also help you persuade him to take you for a picnic on the beach when the weather warms up. Get the iconic all-American approved Yeti cooler for his next adventures.

Whatever you choose to give him, he’ll be happy with anything from this list. And as most of us know, it’s unusual for a man to be too picky, so the main thing is not to fret too much about your choice. Love is in the air!

Think I missed something pretty cool for the man in your life, let me know below what you would get him this Valentine’s Day. I always love hearing from y’all!